Future Drought Fund Legislation

The Future Drought Fund Legislation passed both Houses of Parliament on 24 July 2019. For more information, please see the APH website.

Investment Fund Legislation

The relevant legislation and the Administrative Arrangements Order External link icon sets the governance arrangements as summarised in the table below:

Responsible Ministers
Governing Body
Agency responsibility
Financial Reporting

Future Fund

Future Fund Act 2006 External link icon

Finance Minister and Treasurer


Future Fund Board of Guardians

Future Fund Management Agency

Future Fund Management Agency

Medical Research Future Fund

Medical Research Future Fund Act 2015 External link icon

Department of Finance

DisabilityCare Australia Fund

DisabilityCare Australia Fund Act 2013 External link icon

Nation-building Funds

Nation-building Funds Act 2008 External link icon

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land and Sea Future Fund

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land and Sea Future Fund Act 2018 External link icon

Responsible Ministers

The responsible Ministers have the joint power, which may include to: issue an Investment Mandate for each fund, credit amounts to the fund, and arrange for debits through the relevant Special Account.


Contact information on this page: Funds and Superannuation Branch

Last updated: 31 July 2019