Tranche 7 Suppliers added to the DCaaS Multi Use List

Mundi Tomlinson

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I am pleased to announce a further 24 Suppliers have been added to the Data Centre as a Service Multi Use List (DCaaS MUL). The additional Suppliers are:

1. 6ys
2. AC3
3. Biztech
5. Citadel Group
6. CPS technology group
7. Delib
8. ForwardIT

9. Glider Systems
10. Informatica
11. Interact Pacific
12. iSeek
13. Melbourne IT
14. NextDC
15. Oakton
16. QPC

17. Optus
18. R&Gtechnology
19. Risk360
20. RXP Services
21. Service Now
22. Silverstripe
23. SMS Management
24. YourASP

This brings the total number of Suppliers to 104 offering over 1500 Cloud or Cloud-Like services.

Also, four existing vendors, CommsNet, Emantra, IBM and Mastersoft have submitted new or updated services to be included as part of the Tranche 7 update to the service catalogue. 96 services were updated in total.

Tranche 7 is the final assessment tranche for the DCaaS MUL; no further application will be accepted. As advised in February 2014, the current DCaaS MUL arrangement is due to expire on 30 October 2014.  Finance is reviewing the lessons learned to determine the next iteration of cloud procurement arrangements. Prospective suppliers should register with AusTender in order to receive any ATM updates.

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Please be advised that this blog post is now closed for comment. The DCaaS MUL is now closed for application. Finance is reviewing the lessons learnt to determine the next iteration of cloud procurements, for information please see the Annual Procurement Plan ( from Austender.

Last updated: 19 August 2016