Release of govCMS production website

John Sheridan - CIO & CISO
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Awareness of govCMS and its many benefits continues to grow throughout the Commonwealth and other jurisdictions.  A number of government entities have already signed up through the govCMS Early Adopter Program and several other entities are well on their way to joining them. The Early Adopter Program offered a small number of entities early access to the govCMS service in return for their insights into content management user needs and their assistance in bedding down the service prior to govCMS formally opening for business.

Government entities in the Early Adopter Program include the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority, the Department of Communications, the Department of Social Services, and of course, the Department of Finance. Feedback from Early Adopter agencies has been very positive.

Drew Clarke, Secretary of the Department of Communications commented that “by developing our departmental website in govCMS we are gaining the benefits of a cloud hosting solution and we will be able to share new modules designed to enhance policy consultation and engagement, with other members of the govCMS community. It supports our aim as an organisation to be a digital leader in government ”. 

I’m pleased to see govCMS come to fruition from a journey that began with a Feasibility Study in April 2014 which identified govCMS as an important service offering for Australian Government entities.  The release of the govCMS website today marks the availability of govCMS to all government entities to create and manage cost effective websites, based on best practice, that are compliant with Australian Government standards.  The govCMS website provides quick and intuitive access to key information about the full govCMS offering. For more information visit or contact the govCMS Team


Last updated: 08 September 2016