About Comcover

Comcover is the Australian Government's general insurance fund.

Comcover came into being on 1 July 1998 and replaced the policy of non-insurance that had been in place since the early years of Federation and offered public sector organisations little incentive to manage their risks effectively.

Comcover is modelled on the best managed insurance funds in Australia and overseas and its creation signalled the start of a more modern and cost-effective approach to managing insurable risks within the Australian Government.

A managed fund is a form of self-insurance that operates by collecting premiums from participating Fund Members, accumulating reserves, and meeting future losses from those reserves.

More than 160 Australian Government Departments and agencies are now insured through Comcover. Fund Members purchase cover for all normally insurable risks, with the exception of workers' compensation, which is the responsibility of the Australian Government's Comcare programExternal Site.

Comcover does not offer cover nor issue premium invoices to private organisations or individuals.

Comcover is managed by the Assistant Secretary of the Risk and Claims Branch within the Department of Finance.

Comcover's Vision and Purpose

Comcover aims to protect the Australian Government's financial standing and reputation. Comcover facilitates the integration of risk management into government functions and operations by providing comprehensive and responsive risk management and insurance services to Fund Members.

Since the Australian Government introduced Comcover in 1998, Commonwealth entities in the General Government sector have generally been required to be part of the Fund. With this in mind, Comcover moved swiftly to become a service-oriented organisation, committed to assisting its Fund Members.

Comcover works in partnership with its Fund Members to promote a risk management culture and deliver an effective insurance program across the Australian Government.

The key business objectives for Comcover are:

  1. promoting best practice risk management in agencies to improve policy formulation and delivery of Government programs and services, so as to deliver a net benefit to the Budget over the longer term; and
  2. providing a comprehensive insurance fund to protect Government agencies against the impact of insurable losses.

Comcover has relationships with several service providers that perform services for our Fund Members; 


Services Provided

Gallagher Bassett

Relationship Management

Arthur J Gallagher

Insurance Brokerage

Major Training Services

Learning and Development


Risk Services

International SOS

Overseas Medical and Travel Assistance

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Last updated: 17 January 2019