Comcover Legal Services Parcelling Arrangement (CLSPA)

About the CLSPA

The Comcover Legal Services Parcelling Arrangement (CLSPA) is a three-year non-exclusive arrangement for the provision of legal services for the period of 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2019. The arrangement is accessible by Comcover, the Department of Finance, and Comcover Fund Members. Each of the legal services providers has entered into a deed with the Department of Finance, as the administering entity for Comcover.

Access to legal services under the CLSPA for Comcover Fund Members is limited to dispute resolution and litigation-related legal services. Comcover Fund Members should be aware that where an incident has occurred that may relate to the Fund Member's Statement of Cover, the incident should be reported to Comcover in accordance with the requirements of the Statement of Cover.

Comcover Fund Members are able to access the CLSPA Deeds via the secure Comcover Gateway. (Users should click on 'Documents' and follow through to the links on the 'CLSPA' tab.) Information provided through the Comcover Gateway, especially that which relates to the CLSPA, is on a need-to-know basis only and cannot be provided in any way to any third party.

More complex queries about eligibility for access to the CLSPA and the terms and conditions for engagements under CLSPA deeds should be sent to Specific queries about practice expertise, availability, and other matter-related queries should be directed to the CLSPA provider's Relationship Manager.

CLSPA Provider Details

Australian Government Solicitor Matthew Blunn Senior Executive Lawyer (02) 6253 7424 Canberra
Ashurst Paul Vane-Tempest Partner (02) 6234 4036 Canberra
HWL Ebsworth Lawyers

 Andrew Allan Partner

(02) 6151 2197


King and Wood Mallesons Dan Kynaston Partner (02) 6217 6063 Canberra
Maddocks David Laidlaw Commercial Disputes (03) 9258 3534 Melbourne
McInnes Wilson

Athena Cains Partner (02) 6201 7203 Canberra
Minter Ellison Lawyers Nevin Agnew Federal Govt Relationship Partner (02) 6225 3534 Canberra
Moray & Agnew Lawyers Geoff Connellan Partner (02) 9234 4506 Sydney
Norton Rose Australia Sarah Ralph Partner (03) 8686 6802 Melbourne
Sparke Helmore Lawyers Catherine Power Partner (02) 6263 6367 Canberra

CLSPA fees and Value-Add services

The fees offered under the CLSPA have been assessed as providing value for money in accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules. The fees listed are the maximum rates that may be charged by a legal service provider. However, the Deeds also allow for quotes and/or estimates to be obtained and for further reduced fees or alternative fee arrangements to be negotiated. The CLSPA also provides for:

  1. volume discounts;
  2. fixed fee arrangements for certain types of work; and
  3. value add services provided at no additional charge.

Engaging CLSPA Services

When engaging a legal service provider from the CLSPA, Fund Members should contact Comcover in the first instance to ensure the engagement is appropriate under the terms of the CLSPA. Further information on engaging a firm will be provided at that time.


The Attorney-General's Department (AGD) established a whole-of-government multi-use list for purchasing legal services.  The LSMUL included legal service providers who were pre-qualified to provide legal services to agencies across four broad categories of legal work. Those service providers included on the LSMUL satisfied the conditions for participation outlined in the

Application for Inclusion documents.
From 1 July 2018, LSMUL requirements no longer apply to external legal services. Further information on the LSMUL and replacement arrangements can be found on the Attorney-General’s Department’s website.

Queries regarding the CLSPA can be sent to

Contact for information on this page: or 1800 651 540

Last updated: 19 October 2018