Digital Records Transformation Initiative: Sourcing Strategy Framework – Phase C. Retrospective

The draft Digital Records Transformation Initiative (DRTI) Sourcing Strategy Framework  [PDF document522 KB]  has three main components, Phase A. Problem Definition; Phase B. Sourcing; and Phase C. Retrospective. As the DRTI Sourcing Strategy project is currently in the Beta phase of co-design, the framework will continue to be tested and refined.

Phase C. Retrospective

Government entities and vendors should review the process to improve future outcomes and efficiency. This includes looking at the value of activities and providing feedback to improve future practices.

At this stage of the Sourcing Strategy project, we anticipate that reviews will be conducted in the form of ‘retrospectives’, which are an open, collaborative and efficient approach to reflect on lessons learned, i.e. what happened and identify actions for improvement going forward

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Last updated: 21 August 2019