Approach to Coordinated Procurement

Finance  has  established a framework that provides greater coordination of government procurement. Finance partners with entities to develop, implement and manage coordinated procurement arrangements.

Finance involves agency and industry in developing procurement arrangements that achieve better value for money outcomes. 

Finance may conduct pre-scoping study investigations to explore the potential for a coordinated procurement arrangement. The pre-scoping study investigation’s findings inform any decision to initiate a scoping study.

When a scoping study is initiated, Finance conducts the scoping study in consultation with entities and industry. Once a scoping study is initiated entities must comply with transitional arrangements for procurement of any subject goods and services.

Should a scoping study recommend the establishment of a coordinated procurement contract, Finance with assistance from entities will establish and manage the whole-of-government coordinated procurement contract.

An incremental approach to the implementation of the coordinated procurement framework focuses on establishing contracts and also improving the quality of data on agency procurement activity which will better inform future analytical decisions and CPC arrangements.

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Last updated: 01 July 2014