The Australian Government Charging Framework (the Charging Framework) covers activities where the government charges the non-government sector for a specific government activity such as, regulation, goods, services, or access to resources or infrastructure. Charging for government activities can:

  • promote equity, whereby the recipients who create the need for a government activity, rather than the general public, bear its costs
  • influence demand for government activities
  • improve the efficiency, productivity and responsiveness of government activities and accountability for those activities
  • increase cost consciousness for all stakeholders by raising awareness of how much a government activity costs.

The Charging Framework builds on the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines. It encourages a common approach to planning, designing, implementing and reviewing government charging activities, which should lead to improvements in government charging.

The Charging Framework applies to entities in the general government sector and relates to:

Key government charges and their characteristicsword document77 KB]

The above information should be read in conjunction with the guidance on the Australian Government Charging Framework [word document 654 KB].

Last updated: 10 August 2015