Australian Government Organisations Register

The online searchable version of Australian Government Organisations Register (AGOR) external link is now located on the Australian Government Directory - AGOR. combines three sources of information relating to organisational information under a single location. The information is sourced from the Organisation and Appointments Register (OAR) system which contains the Australian Government Organisation Register (AGOR), government appointments meeting the requirements for Senate Order 15 tabling purposes and Directory's key contacts for the Senior Executive Service (SES) officers.

All content and attachments available from this web-page will continue to be available.

Dataset/Register last updated: 1 July 2019

Purpose and Background

The Australian Government Organisations Register (the Register) provides information on the function, composition, origins and other details of 1,277 Australian Government entities and bodies.

The Register is based on information collected from portfolio departments. Also available is a summary of key statistics for the Register PDF document.

The Register allows users to search using key words. For further information on the types of data captured in the Register, please refer to the Guide to Register Fields PDF document.

A complete Spreadsheet of bodies Excel spreadsheet in Excel can be downloaded.

Quarterly Report

The dataset is updated continuously and the following statistics reflect the dataset as at 1 July 2019, the statistics are updated on a quarterly basis.  The Register reflects the current 2019-20 Budget data for Total Appropriations, Departmental Expenses and the ASL numbers reported for Principal bodies that form part of the General Government Sector.

The total number of bodies reported by the Register as at 1 July 2019 is 1,277 bodies, heading towards 1,261 once further reductions previously announced by the Government* are implemented.

3 bodies that were ceased / consolidated by the Government have been removed since the last update reported on 2 April 2019, with 17 new bodies being created.

* Bodies that the Government has previously announced as ceasing or consolidating will remain on the Register until they have ceased operations or consolidation has occurred. Further information can be found on each individual body’s page on the Register (for example, see the “National Rural Advisory Council” page).

View a summary of the key statisticsPDF document and the register movements list PDF document of new and/or ceased bodies.

Scope of the Register

There are 12 main types of bodies PDF document which are listed in the Register:

  • Principal Australian Government Entity
    • Non-Corporate Commonwealth Entity;
    • Corporate Commonwealth Entity;
    • Commonwealth Company.
  • Secondary Australian Government Entity
    • Advisory Body – Policy and Stakeholder Consultation;
    • Statutory Office Holders, Offices and Committees;
    • Non-Statutory – Function with Separate Branding;
    • Ministerial Councils and related bodies, including those established by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG);
    • Inter-jurisdictional and international bodies.
  • Other Entities
    • Subsidiaries of Corporate Commonwealth Entities and Commonwealth Companies;
    • Joint Ventures, Partnerships and Other Companies;
    • National Law Bodies;
    • Bodies Linked to the Australian Government through Statutory Contracts, Agreements and Delegations.

The Register excludes the following bodies:

  • Internal management, advisory and administration bodies (including Commonwealth officials-only working groups and inter-departmental committees) – many of these are time limited and serve administrative and policy development/co-ordination purposes that are internal to government.
  • The High Court of Australia - it is not a Commonwealth entity due to its status under its enabling legislation.
  • Parliamentary Committees - their creation is controlled by the Parliament rather than the Government.
  • Bodies that have been announced by the Government, but which are not yet established or substantially operational. 

For more information, please contact with your query.

Please note that queries on specific bodies and relationships will be forwarded to the relevant Portfolio for a response.

Last updated: 18 July 2019