Commonwealth Low-Risk Grant Agreement Template

As part of the Australian Government’s initiative to reduce red tape, the Department of Finance (Finance) has developed a whole-of-government grant agreement template, which should be used by entities when entering into low-risk grants.

The low-risk grant agreement template includes a standard set of 20 terms and conditions (covered in two-pages).  It seeks to improve and streamline low-risk grant arrangements by promoting consistency across government entities.

Finance worked with both government and non-government stakeholders to develop the template, including through a whole-of-government working group, the Australian Government Solicitor and in consultation with peak grant recipient bodies.

The low-risk grant agreement template is available below.

Attached to the template is the Commonwealth General Grant Conditions, a standard set of terms and conditions, which apply to all grants using the template.  The Commonwealth General Grant Conditions are provided separately below.

To support officials using the template, a risk tool and user guide has also been developed.

Risk Tool

The risk tool is designed to assist officials to determine whether the low-risk grant agreement template is appropriate for a particular grant/granting activity. 

Officials are encouraged to use the risk tool before using the Commonwealth low-risk grant agreement template.

The risk tool should be used in conjunction with the entity’s own risk management framework, policies and procedures and relies on the judgment of officials administering the granting activities.

Risk management is not a static activity. Officials should ensure that risk identification and engagement is supported by performance information, procedures and systems that continuously identify and treat emerging risks throughout grants administration processes.

User Guide

The user guide provides step-by-step guidance on using the low-risk grant agreement template.

A text only version of the user guide has been provided below.

More Information 

If you have questions regarding the low-risk grant agreement template or template guidance, please contact the Grants Policy Team at

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Last updated: 29 April 2015