Grant Agreement Templates

Finance has developed a suite of whole-of-government grant agreement templates, for use by entities when entering into grants. A User Guide for each template has been developed to provide step-by-step guidance to officials.

Letter of Agreement

This approach may be the best option to use with straightforward, low risk grants.

Commonwealth Simple Grant Agreement

Formerly titled the 'low-risk grant agreement' template, this is for use with low risk grants which require a more detailed agreement with simple terms and conditions.

Commonwealth Standard Grant Agreement

This template is for grants which are rated as medium to high risk and includes a standard set of terms and conditions.  The Clause Bank may be used to supplement the standard clauses if required due to the complexity of the grant activities or the risk associated with the grantee.

Grant Variations

The templates below are used when changes are required to an existing agreement. The Deed requires signing by the grantee and the Commonwealth.

Letter of Variation

This template is for altering obligations or terms established through a Letter of Agreement.

Deed of Variation

This template is used to alter obligations or terms established under an existing signed Commonwealth Simple Grant Agreement or Commonwealth Standard Grant Agreement.

User Guide

This guide provides advice on using both the Deed and Letter of Variation templates.

Notice of Change

This template has been developed for either the Grantee or Commonwealth entity to notify each other of minor administrative changes that do not have the effect of increasing the grantees' obligations under the agreement.

More Information

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Last updated: 26 July 2019