Finance offers a number of ways to stay engaged with the ongoing progress of the PMRA reform agenda.

To join the PMRA Community or subscribe to the PGPA Newsletter, contact us at

PMRA Community of Practice

The PMRA Community of Practice is an inclusive knowledge sharing community, supported by a govdex space, with representatives from over 155 Commonwealth entities and companies. It:

  • supports improved planning, performance, monitoring, evaluation and accountability in the Commonwealth public sector and
  • allows entities to share information and knowledge related to governance and performance.

The community is open to all officials of Commonwealth entities.  If you would like to join, please contact for govdex access/logon information.

The community's govdex space includes:

  • a blog to inform members of reform ideas, developments and consultations, including information on:
  • discussion areas to allow entities to share knowledge and ideas
  • links to PGPA Act resources
  • information on reference groups

Finance also runs Community events to provide a forum for Commonwealth entities to discuss ideas, issues and opportunities arising from the PGPA Act.  These events focus on different aspects of the Commonwealth Resource Management Framework including:

  • reforming internal controls — sharing ideas for improving internal controls and processes and
  • the enhanced Commonwealth Performance Framework

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Reform speeches and publications

3 June 2016 Academic Symposium, hosted by the Department of Finance and facilitated by Ms Virginia Haussegger AM. Academic Symposium on Improving Performance Information – Developing an Entity Performance Story
19 May 2016 Jane Halton AO PSM, Secretary, Department of Finance Speech to IPAA on Annual Reports and the New Performance Management Framework
11 September 2015 Jane Halton AO PSM, Secretary, Department of Finance Strengthening Performance Measurement- International Perspectives on Evaluation
4 September 2015 Jane Halton AO PSM, Secretary, Department of Finance Australian Government Leadership Network Conference: Designing and Leading High Performing Organisations (Sydney) Risk and Responsibility: Leading in a PGPA World
14 August 2015 Jane Halton AO PSM, Secretary, Department of Finance Senate Occasional Lecture on reforming the Commonwealth public sector and the PGPA Act
22 June 2015 Jane Halton AO PSM, Secretary, Department of Finance Presentation at CEDA’s State of the Nation 2015 – Old Economy New Economy, Industry and workforce futures
16 June 2015 Dr Stein Helgeby, Deputy Secretary, Department of Finance Presentation to the IPAA, PGPA Act 2013: One Year on: Lessons Learned
13 February 2015 Jane Halton AO PSM, Secretary, Department of Finance Speech to CEDA ‘2015 Economic and Political Overview’ (Sydney) Structural Impacts on Commonwealth Expenditure in Australia
28 October 2014 The Hon Steven Ciobo MP, then Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer Address to the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Public Sector Governance Forum 2014 on the implementation of the PGPA Act and Government’s goal to deliver smaller more rational government.

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Resource management training resources Finance has developed training resources to help officials in Commonwealth entities to:

  • understand the Commonwealth Resource Management Framework
  • use or manage public resources in accordance with their duties under the PGPA Act.

The following training resources are available:

  • Training and Support covering the fundamental matters officials should know about the PGPA Framework. This includes:
  • Risk Management training — officials can self-register to complete the Introduction to Risk in the Commonwealth eLearning course at the Comcover Learning Centre.

Any queries relating to the abovementioned training, please contact For more information on the risk management courses (including upcoming training), contact

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