Risk Resources

The following information sheets are divided into groups based on the Comcover learning pathways. These information sheets together provide a comprehensive overview of risk management.


These information sheets are relevant to all Commonwealth employees regardless of level or role.

  • Information sheet - Understanding risk appetite and tolerance: [Word Document 396 KB] | [PDF Document 419 KB]
  • Information sheet - Overview of the risk management process: [Word Document 94 KB] | [PDF Document 251 KB]
  • Information sheet - Communicating risk: [Word Document288 KB] | [PDF Document 355 KB]


These information sheets are relevant to Commonwealth employees who are required to undertake specific risk activities like a project risk assessment or to communicate risks to senior management.

  • Information sheet - Undertaking the risk management process: [Word Document 86 KB] | [PDF Document 410 KB]
  • Information sheet - Managing shared risk: [Word Document 289 KB] | [PDF Document 355 KB]


These information sheets are relevant to Commonwealth employees who have a role that is largely concerned with risk or who provide advice on the strategic risks of an entity.

  • Case study - Business continuity management (Department of Parliamentary Services): [Word Document 220 KB] | [PDF Document 287 KB]
  • Information sheet - Defining risk appetite and tolerance: [Word Document 843 KB] | [PDF Document 843 KB]
  • Information sheet - Establishing your risk management framework: [Word Document 358 KB] | [PDF Document 99 KB]
  • Information sheet - Maintaining an entity's risk profile [Word Document 1.35 KB] | [PDF Document 318 KB]
  • Information sheet - Developing a positive risk culture: [Word Document 175 KB] | [PDF Document 332 KB]
  • Information sheet - Understanding and developing key risk indicators: [Word Document 319 KB] | [PDF Document 375 KB]
  • Information sheet - Building risk management capability across an entity: [Word Document 103 KB] | [PDF Document 159 KB]
  • Information sheet - Reviewing a risk management framework: [Word Document 530 KB] | [PDF Document 137 KB]


These sheets are relevant to Commonwealth employees that are required to make decisions regarding the management of an entity's strategic risks.

  • Case study - Defining risk appetite and tolerance (Department of Employment): [Word Document 365 KB] | [PDF Document 278 KB]
  • Information sheet - Embedding risk management: [Word Document 111 KB] | [PDF Document 289 KB]

Last updated: 15 April 2019